The twelve aspects in relation to team development

Subcutaneous (subconscious) primal patterns that can
uncover personifications of team members.

Watching the added value around the roles and her contributions to the team, which role ambiguity decreases as the group develops.

Personal characteristics
Who owns which features and how does this connect with the whole team?

The values ​​largely determine the dynamics in the team; the way of cooperation and the power and pitfalls of the team. Subgroups and coalitions within the teams will often be determined by the underlying motives or values.

Reflect on the way how a team creates shared vision, assuring these implements and knows.

To what extent do you keep your relationship as a team with your
surroundings and you're able to move along here.

In which phase of change are you and how do you handle this?

How do you worktogether as a group and what do you contribute?

What principles you use in making connections in the group ?

Development stages
Before you reach your milestone as a team you're already past reached different stages of development. Where are you
now as team and what does this require of you?

To accomplish
As a group you go for the teamresult. Good to know the difference between your dreams and castles in the sky.

Success factors
Creating awareness on what does or doesn’t contribute to the ultimate success.