Team Development Cards within Sales

Why working together?
Be honest ... the stereotype of a successful sales professional is individually closing the deal? Unfortunately, this is often the reality in many organizational cultures. But is this effective when it comes to attracting and retaining customers? Effectively converting leads ideally will generate more leads than one sales professional can handle effectively for your organization. When leads are acquired and individually picked up and the odds are always missed, no one will share as a result of a very competitive atmosphere.

Let's take an example to see what is the importance of teamwork within Sales.
Bavo and Sander are the most experienced members of a sales team working for a company that supplies bottled water. Bavo encounters goldmine of leads through a creative idea he had conceived online. He knows Sander not many leads from value lately and a lot of time with the desperate search and identification of new customers. Bavo but does not intend to share his idea or gained sales leads Sander because that would be detrimental to his personal sales bonus. Unfortunately, it takes Bavo too much time to work effectively on all the leads. At first he makes a lot of turnover and bottles of water flew out the door to new customers. His boss is happy and it looks as though Bavo will get a fat bonus at the end of the month for its high sales. But then there begin to occur the first problems: Due to lack of time for proper and timely follow-up of sales leads, prospects Bavo starts losing. Meanwhile, Sander still takes still much effort to grow its revenue and find new customers but its sales are growing steadily, which Bavo catching up. A totally different outcome would have been possible if the company Bavo and Sander had seen as a team to consider instead of them like mutual competitors. If they had been a team Bavo would shared his creative strategy and the resulting good leads with Sander. The lost deals would be converted into sales, seeing two people working together following in more quickly leads than one person ever will.

Effective Sales Support
Now imagine what would happen if we introduce Annemarie to the team. Annemarie which is much better organizational skills than Bavo and Sander. Their strengths are knowing the product and sales techniques . If Annemarie makes appointments for Bavo and Sander with the prospects and the agreed actions follows afterwards, the customer is more likely to get a positive impression of the company. And this may also be leading to more sales and fewer deals lost due to slow or insufficient responsiveness.

The importance of teamwork for Sales
The Sales segment is a competitive nature. Most companies reinforce the competitive nature by offering bonuses and rewards at the top vendors based on personal sales goals. This ensures the behavior as we saw with Bavo above. Nobody wants to reveal secrets or distribute leads because they could miss out on the big bonus. It is thought quickly that the bonus system in the interest of both the company and the employee, but that is often questionable, as in the case of Bavo and Sander .

But the secret is that teamwork creates just as much they need for success when the
team is rewarded collectively rather than individually . You can still expecting
the same hard-working spirit and the desire to succeed and to "win".
Certainly if the team atmosphere of "succeeding together" the team will
press each other together. It does not always have to be a "Top- Down"
approach to be succesful.
No, working in solid, effective teams can be
much more productive and sustainable. Because teams pushing each
other naturally, share more, support each other with the consequence
that everyone is more effective.
Not for nothing people like to use the acronym:

ogether Everybody Achieves More