Team Development Cards for professionals, managers, trainers/coaches, project managers

Flexible in use
The development team maps are very flexible and practical to use. Therefore they can be used in many cases by both professionals, managers, trainers/ coaches and project managers. In addition, the cards are very easy to use and you can also indicate to interpret itself . It is important when you are going to use the cards in advance verifies the cards for you and your staff can answer. It is not true that you are bound by the rules that are put forward. These are intended to make a start with your group of employee based on some standard situations.

The professional can use the maps very well to reflect on his or her groeiporces . It lays bare the blind spots which grow the taking professional ability agile and increase to its contribution to the group. Using a number of models, the cards can be made ​​practical . The cards can then be laid up on a ' tarrot "-like manner . The explanation of the significance of the aspect of the card provides the necessary insights. Of course you can also do this in pairs or larger groups.

Managers, teamleader, coordinator and or head of department
As a manager, you are mainly trying to focus on results and indivuele issues. The mutual processes and the development of the group do not always get the attention it would deserve it. Meetings are short and to which no more time is taken to deepen with each other and / or to consider the development of the group. In addition to the performance management cycles and personal development should also focus bestted should be the teamontwikkeligsplan , for example, to see how indiviueel contributing to the shared objectives . The use of the Team developement Cards during the meetings to monitor the Team Development Plan is the perfect solution.

Projectmanger, projectleader and/or programm manager
New products are the "life line" of your organization and a faster flow
your project is of optimum importance. You see delays arise when
several projects through interpersonal communication issues. From
interest so as a team to visualize barieres and road tenemen and to
offer solutions. The result of the project depends on the team spirit.
This has outright affect the turnaround and successful achieving the
goals. In addition to steering on quality, money and time it would
be for the project manager or project leader important to
develop also his team along the project. By making use of the cards
makes that it separates from one anothers role and just support
the group process.