From Workshops to Masterclass

Introduction workshop
Meet the different aspects surrounding team development and experience the different techniques, so that you are able to optimally use the cards themselves.
Duration: 4 hours
Maximum participants: 14
Open enrollment

Workshop Advanced Users
Learn more about the background of the cards in relation to the stages of team development and experience the use of models in different phases so that you are able to then make deliberate interventions.
Duration: 8 hours
Maximum participants: 14
Open enrollment

Masterclass Facilitating Groups
Get inspired by experts about your role as a facilitator and experience and learn how to facilitate groups with the cards, enabling you to facilitate in your own way.
Duration: 3 x 4 hours
Minimum participants: 10
Open enrollment

Workshop Team Development Plan (In-company)
Go along with teammates prepare your inspiring team development. Here you learn to look at the group of interest from everyone's personal agenda. You will learn tools to assess your development, monitoring and evaluation. After the workshop you will be able to give direction to your team goals.
Duration: 8 hours + follow-up day part
Amount participants: 10 - 12

From group to team (In-company)
Create more insight into the way of working and the related Hanging role and
responsibility of the individual members. Special attention is given to
the creation of a professional and adult attitude. The team learns to reflect on
themselves and independent work on a visible result. In other words you
learn from contribution to take a step in the further development and
collaboration within your team and with a improved team spirit and
Duration: 2 days including evening in between
Amount participants: 12
Trainers: 2
For in-company or taliler-made trainings?
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