Team Development Cards within Healthcare.

Long-term care represents a number of major challenges. While the demand for care and increase its complexity, supply will decrease in personnel and implemented various austerity measures. Optimal deployment of people and resources is necessary, therefore, teamwork is crucial. Teams are expected to deliver effective, efficient, innovative and safe care.

Performance of teams
The most obvious solution is to talk to managers on the functioning of teams. This makes the chances are that they will be managing in a directive way to avoid such risks. It appears that teams with a manager who takes outperform a coaching leadership style. Teams are encouraged to get the best out of themselves, imposed by eg feedback without the best way of working. The application of the development team cards are another way to improve the performance of a team in health care.

Autonomous teams
Self-directed work is on the rise in the Dutch nursing. Research shows that self-managed teams perform economically and socially, and that employees feel more involved in their organization. Also, customers are more satisfied than regular home care. A well-functioning self-managing team, however, is not obvious. There is quite some look at the work without supervisor. It appears that nurses find it nice to work self because they feel strongly involved in all the activities necessary to operate the team well. Performing team tasks can be a challenge. You have to team tasks do need certain characteristics. It's good to be able to understand the interests and concerns of your colleagues so that decisions can be taken in a pleasant atmosphere. Even if true when there are disagreements. By listening to what your colleague says, and means you can then do something with it. Nurses often have to cope with criticism. You have to be tough. There is simply not a leader who mediates and resolves things when you do it as a team. As part of that you have to call each other sometimes, even on the bad things. That try to solve within your own team to ask it. The deployment of the team development cards are therefore of enormous value.

Success factors
- The team has the power to his own within the agreed framework
- There is agreement on the distribution of tasks.
- The team has regularly a properly functioning team meetings,
where working solution and where decisions be taken in accordance
with the principle of consensus.
- The team members feel in addition to their individual professional
responsibilities also responsible for the organizational tasks
and the group result.
- The team members get along well with each other and
enjoying themselves in the team.

Source: Do-it self managers; Marion Verstraeten. Nursing.