The five stages which teams go through.

1. Orientation stage (forming)

In the forming phase there is no group feeling yet.
Individual positions and roles are not shaped yet. Group
members have a wait-and-see direction attitude and
need instructions.

2. Conflict stage (storming)
Group members try to take their positions in the group. This process often results in a conflict between group members because of a conflict of ideas.

3. Norming stage (norming)
Members gradually grow closer to each other. Rules and methods of cooperation are specified. The common team goals are shared and decided on. A more mature way of working and cooperating starts to develop. The members obtain a clearer view of their personal role in the team.

4. Achievement stage (performing)

We now talk of a real team. Team members compliment each other and work harmoniously towards the mutual team goals. The mature team is capable of working autonomously.

5. Closing- final reflection stage (adjourning)

In the closing phase of the project, the team reflects/
evaluates the personal contribution and the team result.
After that, the team is adjourned.