The Team Development Cards.

Team Development is illustrated by twelve differtent aspects such as archetypes, roles, success factors, collaboration and change. Every aspect has nine specific sub-aspects. A universal language has been chosen in which the sun and the moon are simultaneously exposed.

The cards help you and your team to gain deeper insights on the subject of cooperation and the development actions, which have to be taken to get an optimum team performance.
When drawing a card out of the 108 available cards you will see either the sun or the moon at the top of the card. Please realise that both sides are necessary. The moon can be used to enlighten and to strengthen your sun. Both views bring you closer to yourself and as a result closer to your team. The cards guide you and your team to a deeper insight and awareness which improves collaboration, cooperation and the development actions you need to take to achieve optimal team performance.

How do you read the card?
The picture on the middel of the card help you to visualise your insights. The picture reflects the sub-parts in both the figurative and literal sense. Through the literal mirror effect of the picture, both sides are equally represented. The way we recognise that both sides are present without one being superior to the other.

What is the sunside and the moonside?

All sub-aspects are approached in two ways: by the sun and the moon. The accompanying description is a description of the sub-aspect. The sun stands for spontaneous, pragmatic and is based on gut feeling. The moon stands for serious, theoretical and operates from ratio.

The Team Development Cards host a wide variety of applications and working forms. Working forms you can use in team settings or individually. Read more...