Team Development Cards for Education

Good cooperation is the panacea for the functioning of every school. Shared vision, clear agreements and an approach that allows for differences, use each other's knowledge and experience provide better results. Therefore, team development is one of the key success factors of your school. Well-functioning teams provide clear added value for all stakeholders.

For optimal education
Good cooperation not only has a direct impact on the students, team members also learn with and from each other. Together you to turn your school into a learning organization. Learning from each other is one of the factors that contributes to the improvement of the quality of education. But team development does not occur naturally. It must be embedded in an organization, as a guiding principle, so that learning from another applies to everyone within the organization.

For more job satisfaction
Work at school is only fun if you can rely on each and that you get every year the job done with each other. From a professional attitude you only look at what goes well and you do not know what direction you wantto go whit your education. A big need of compliments, share experiences and enjoy success. A good team takes care for each other and there is room for everyone's preference.

For more synergy
1 + 1 = 3. Perhaps for Special Education this motto applies more than
elsewhere. A successful multidisciplinary way of working only exists with
a well-functioning team. Around each child different
supervising teachers, physiotherapists, speech therapists,
special education experts, psychologists and social workers
are doing their job. All cogs in a team that perfectly
need to respond to each other. In this way you will see the
optimal use of opportunities of these children, so there will be
for them a good place in our society.