Team Development Plan

A lot of managers spent mcuh time in organizations and institutions on their annual meetings cycle containin , inter alia, objective discussions, performance appraisal and assessment interviews. This, however, is quite the attention and focus on the performance and development of its employees. The Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the employee used as a tool to become aware of the ambitions, skills and competencies in relation to career opportunities. Although there is much talk about cooperation and teams within organizations make and institutions, there is rarely stopped by managers and employees in which each group or team is now in its development.

The team development plan is also more than welcome addition to officers and
employees to be aware of what the group and what personal action that requires
everyone. After the joint preparation of the development team with the aid
of the team development maps can be chosen to this plan monitors by

Richtinggevendonline brings the team development and
performance on a visual screen. It is making it a nice addition to
the dialogue on where both the individual and team stands in
there development stage.