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"Great product"
"We have within the student group is now working for several weeks with this beautiful all denoting team development cards . Each student was before we started this as a subject in itself. Now I use these cards during the SLB hours there is more confidence in each other arise and obstacles are discussed and enlightened. Read more...."
"Very nice and useful set of cards to improve your team."
"Very practical set of cards that will improve your team in an innovative, fun, interactive way. Beautifully designed cards, leading to new insights into team members. At last something that differs from the standard methods to arrive at team meetings. Read more...."
"Team Development Cards"
"Believing that the grouping together of talents, energy and abilities of individuals as a team is a key success factor for organizations par excellence, it is fascinating to discover this play. Through these cards, I see worlds that can be connected; masculine images, feminine colors, conscious/ unconscious, active/ reflective. Read more...."
"After explanation to independently us ."
"We used your cards during a Intervision session. The participants are all experienced professionals, so all able to listen, to ask open questions, summarize and provide adequate feedback. I believe that the successful use of these cards depends on the extent to which state the individual and the team.